Our Story

Our Story

Established in 1992, Village Well grew from the eclectic community owned and managed Ross House in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. This start helped to create a value driven company that seeks to put people at the heart of all places and developments. Village Well believe that Placemaking is key in delivering a more inclusive and regenerative future and looks for opportunities to apply their 25 years of Placemaking experience.

Village Well was instrumental in the activation of Melbourne’s Flinders Lane and Degraves Street in the early 90’s, a process which successfully catalysed the transformation of other laneways and created some of Melbourne’s iconic experiences. They created and operated the Queen Victoria Night Markets, and were active in creating an active community space at the Abbotsford Convent. Since then, Village Well has not only worked with over 1000 cities and towns across Australia bus also across the world. It has seen much iteration, with each group learning from the last while still looking to the future.

Time for a New Story

Reconnecting people to place

We are in a time of transition and change, searching both outwards and within for signs of positive changes that create hope. It is a nourishing story that puts people and place first. A story that creates meaning, beauty and inspiration, that reconnects and renews communities and ecosystems, that redefines business and community growth and wellbeing and social responsibility.

A story that captures the imagination but has a practical roadmap to personal and group sustainability, and that is distributed and regenerative in its design and empowers our communities and citizens.

This is the art and work of Village Well – a unique team of dedicated specialist individuals and collaborators creating a better and more just world.

Our Philosophy & Values


Where there is vision the people flourish


All communities have creative capacity wanting to be unleashed. Committed actions derive from decisions that are owned by stakeholders. Collaboration can develop win-win outcomes for business, community, government and the environment.


A culture of sustainability encompasses communities, environment and business. A Regenerative and destinational model of design allows life to flourish for all. Holistic wellbeing acknowledges the spirit of people and place. Celebration enriches communities and fosters good will, harmony and joy.


Good governance seeks access, justice and ecological sustainability. Effective and self-aware leaders/facilitators are ambassadors of change and stewards of new thinking, ethics and a catalyst for renewal. Authentic marketing and communications means walking your talk at all levels.