Village Well Placemaking Services

Placemaking is the process of making places together that benefit all people, every day. It is the multi-disciplinary approach to planning and development that involves understanding the culture and qualities of a place and tapping into the wisdom of its community.

We have developed and refined our unique processes and services to a vast array of projects, places and audiences. Our current focus covers a diversity of projects that draw on our unique placemaking lens and address the challenges of our world today.

Place Research
Contextual asset based understanding

Collaborative Engagement
Co-design, facilitation & building strategic and purposeful partnerships

Place Vision Reports
Creating the framework to inform the building, design & planning process driven by a shared place vision and guiding placemaking principles

Placemaking Strategy
Place activation positionings, bespoke placemaking concepts and recommendations to enhance the user experience

Temporary Activation Strategy
Place Activation Concepts During Construction

Ongoing Placemaking
Developing the briefs for consultants to design and implement our curation and activation recommendations 

Our Project Focus

Universities and educational precincts
Reimagining the university campus environment and creating meaningful experiences for students and staff beyond the classroom, improving the connection campuses have to their community in the process

Urban Regeneration projects
Urban regeneration is encompassing more than ever before from a simple uplift, to mixed use developments & large scale brownfield revitalisation

Main street and town centre revitalisation and community mobilisation
Revitalising main streets and town centres by connecting community groups, local businesses and individuals and enable them to collaborate and catalyse on the transformation of their community

Retail and Commercial property placemaking
Transforming retail and commercial property environments by engaging with the community and customers around a shared vision, direction and goals that highlight a revised retail mix, retailer training programs and the inclusion of bespoke, boutique, locally sourced and run product and services

Multi purpose and residential community placemaking
Creating vibrant mixed-use neighbourhoods that meet the demands of the flexible live-work-play lifestyles of the community, valuing the quality of the details of a places over the quantity

Placeschool Educational Events
Providing learning opportunities through powerful and dynamic masterclasses, educational workshops and informative presentations, imparting our team’s and partners breadth of placemaking expertise