What is Placemaking?

Placemaking is the art and science of making authentic, vibrant and resilient places that are valued by their communities and admired by visitors.

It is a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to planning and development that involves understanding the culture, qualities and wisdom of its community. It involves collaboration between many stakeholders to articulate a vision for a place and to plan and deliver that vision.

Placemaking incorporates and influences other traditional areas of place development, including masterplanning, urban design, social and economic development, community engagement, retail planning, arts and culture and sustainable development.

Placemaking benefits the broader community as much as it benefits investors, developers and property owners.

Placemaking builds community goodwill, and gives investors and businesses the confidence to innovate and create places that people love.

“Placemaking is the process of making places together that benefit all people, every day”

Our approach

  • Inspiration

    We flame the passion of individuals and organisations to nourish shared ownership of the process and the place

  • Understanding

    We provide a platform for meaningful dialogue and unravel the distinctive nuances of place

  • Ideation

    We detail out-of-the-box creative approaches to weave the connection between people and place

  • Implementation

    We create actionable roadmaps in clear communicable language to achieve short, medium and long term goals

5Ps of Placemaking

Village Well’s Placemaking lens provides a critical analysis of place from five perspectives: people, physical environment, product, program and planet – these are our 5 Ps of Placemaking.