What is Placemaking?

Placemaking is a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to planning and developing places that involves understanding the culture and qualities of a place and the wisdom of its community. With the collaboration between many stakeholders, the placemaking approach articulates a shared vision to ensure the ‘place’ is embraced by all. Placemaking brings a sense of fun, whimsy, welcoming, belonging, creativity, meaning and innovation to the creation and ongoing curation of places that people love.




“Where there is vision
the people will flourish”

Our Approach

Village Well connects people with places to create a sense of belonging, building opportunities for people to participate in civic and cultural life. We empower people and provide a platform for open and meaningful dialogue.

Our expertise in facilitation and stakeholder engagement activities flames creativity and passion of people, business and local government that fosters a shared ownership of a vision.

We are agent provocateurs who seek to inspire unique and creative approaches to place development. We harness the wisdom that lies in a community, and engage to build trust and individual capacity. The goal is too deliver active and accessible places that benefit all people, every day.

Our 5Ps of Placemaking

Village Well’s 5Ps placemaking lens has filtered thousands of projects ranging in scale and complexity. The model includes a critical analysis of place from five key perspectives: People, Physical environment, Product, Program and Planet
Understanding the needs of the ‘place audience’ and their collection as a community of diverse users and social interactions

Physical Environment
Recognising how the landscape and built form informs patterns of movement and willingness to engage in activations

Understanding the role of communities and organisations in implementing sustainable practices and the shared commitment to preserve natural resources

Ensuring the mix of uses, diversity of spaces and the 24-hour and seasonal cycle of uses enhance the sense of comfort, safety and belonging

Reflecting the rituals, behaviours and gatherings that animate places and encourage participation

Our Work

Brings together the aspirations of the community and key stakeholders through the creation of a shared vision and a compelling narrative of place.

Development of a new vision and supporting principles that provide a narrative of the place now and in the future, setting a clear direction for the project and cementing a placemaking approach.

Realised through dynamic processes of facilitated engagement and detailed ‘on the ground’ research to develop a deep understanding of the place.

Ensures that all stakeholders are committed to a shared vision that will carry through long-term, ensuring it becomes socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Underpins the design of a place and the tools for implementing placemaking through tangible, deliverable strategies to realise the vision.

Incorporates the Place Visioning and details a suite of short and long-term strategies to achieve the aspirational essence, positioning of key locations and cement a placemaking approach.

Achieved through dynamic processes of facilitated engagement and ‘on the ground’ research to develop a deep understanding of the place.

Provides a comprehensive framework that enables the creation or revitalisation of a place, ensuring it becomes socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Brings a diversity of people with unique perspectives together to workshop and inspire innovative ideas and solutions.

Through place specific methodology this provides a platform for inclusive, authentic and meaningful engagement that addresses barriers to participation, engages with a wide range of voices to ensure a sense of collective ownership and a forum for shared, open dialogue.

Creates a unique place identity and brand that represents and promotes the unique characteristics of a place in an authentic and meaningful way.

Inspired by a dynamic process of facilitated engagement and ‘on the ground’ research to develop a name, logo, communication and style guide, to deliver a brand inspired by the talents, assets and offerings of a place and to become a vehicle for telling the story of a place.

Shares Village Well’s experience and expertise with the community, government bodies and businesses.

Provides a platform for skills sharing opportunities ranging from masterclasses, training workshops, informative presentations and philanthropic gestures to inspire individuals, communities and organisations to contribute positively to the creation of just, equitable and well-loved places.