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Australian National University Union Court – Placemaking Strategy


Canberra, ACT - Royalla Management Services (2014-16)

Categories and services:

  • Education Precincts

  • Placemaking Strategy

A new 21st century educational experience, connecting the campus to the city.

Village Well was engaged as part of a project team from 2014 - 2016 to complete a number of projects including undertaking community and stakeholder engagement, masterplanning and project design briefs. Village Well delivered the following outcomes and benefits over the three-year lifespan of the project:

  1. Creating the Development Pitch: Village Well created the vision for the pitch for the ANU Union Court development project to the University Executive. The pitch included a compelling vision for the precinct, based on extensive engagement, local research and creative development. The pitch successfully set the path for securing commitment to the $260M redevelopment of the campus.

  2. Local Activity Research: Village Well undertook extensive on-the-ground research, spending time in Canberra mapping the retail setting and local events, activities and arts and cultural activity. This research informed a strong identity for the project and the identification of local opportunities and partnerships, which delivered a highly integrated outcome with strong community ownership.

  3. Placemaking Strategy: Village Well developed a detailed Placemaking Strategy incorporating input from students, staff and the local community, into clear placemaking directions and place activation objectives. This was used to inform the creation of an Urban Design Framework in 2015.

  4. Urban Design Framework and Pop-Up Village Design Brief: The Placemaking Strategy and community engagement program informed the creation of an Urban Design Framework in 2015 and the development of a design brief for a Pop-Up Village that was established during construction and which operated as a very popular student and community destination for several years.

  5. Design Review and Placemaking Overlays: Design charrettes were held with the design team to test the Urban Design Framework. We ensured the inclusion of placemaking and stakeholder input. Placemaking Overlays were then developed to define clear locations for placemaking opportunities.

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