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Karrinyup – Placemaking Vision  


Perth, WA – AMP Capital (2016-2021)

Categories and services:

  • Shopping centres

  • Retail

  • Placemaking Vision

  • Place Research

  • Customer Experience

  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Image courtesy of AMP Capital

Project delivered by Jennifer Cook working as an independent consultant.


Jennifer worked on the $800m Karrinyup redevelopment from 2016 to completion in 2021.  A much-loved centre (despite not meeting the aspirations of a well-heeled customer) the brief was to take a big leap forward in terms of pitch and offer, ready the centre to capitalise on future surrounding residential development and create a place locals would become strong local advocates for.


How we did it:

  • Internal consultation across the organisation to capture individual views and aspirations

  • Comprehensive primary research program covering residents, local workers and visitors

  • Place visioning workshops with the project team

  • Property management team handover and customer experience advisory support through development into the operational phase



  • An aspirational place vision that gave investors confidence to fund the redevelopment project

  • Greatly improved alignment to local needs and lifestyle, particularly the dining offer

  • Once limited to an aged foodcourt, it now attracts the attention of national restaurant reviewers

  • Attracted premium foundation tenants and retailers

  • Supported the approval of medium density residential alongside the retail centre

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