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Magenta Park - Placemaking Strategy


Uniciti, Mauritius - Medine Property (2019)

Categories and services:

  • Sporting/recreation precincts

  • Placemaking Strategy 

A spectacularly beautiful park and playground for everyone to enjoy the best of Mauritian West Coast life.

Medine Property, the development arm of the Medine Group, has been developing Uniciti, a designated Smart City on the West Coast of Mauritius. As part of the ongoing planning, development and expansion of this emerging urban centre, Medine has prioritised the delivery of a new public social and recreation destination for the city.


Medine engaged Village Well to develop the vision and masterplan for the Park. Village Well reviewed the existing masterplan and produced a Placemaking Strategy, including a detailed Experience Plan, for the Park to guide both the next steps of design and operations planning.


Village Well worked alongside the international consultant team and Medine project team to develop the Strategy. This involved local place research and engagement with a range of local interest groups and potential users through informal interviews and workshops.


The Placemaking Strategy has informed the development of a detailed masterplan for the Park. Specific Village Well recommendations that are being implemented in 2019 and 2020, alongside the next stages of the Student Campus development, include the development of a running track around the Park, a landscaped amphitheatre, open recreational space, rehabilitation of the rivulet as a ‘nature walk’, children’s nature play area and the adaptation of the Park’s heritage buildings to new stages.

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