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Newcastle Regeneration Framework


Newcastle, NSW - City of Newcastle (2020)


Categories and services:

  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement

  • Participatory Engagement

  • Regeneration Framework

  • Place-based Economic Development

  • New Local

Image courtesy of Newcastle Surf Life Saving Club

Collaboration to drive innovation; supporting a regenerative future Newcastle.

Newcastle is currently undergoing significant changes to its local economy. Village Well, in partnership with Michael Shuman, were engaged by the City of Newcastle to lead and facilitate a collaborative engagement process with City staff, small businesses and community, to explore the potential and benefits of regenerative, place-based economic development in Newcastle. 

Village Well developed a creative engagement process via online surveys and collaborative workshops to map recommendations on how the 10 New Local regenerative principles could be implemented within Newcastle places, communities and economies.

The team researched global benchmarks and case studies and carefully consider the relevant learnings to the Newcastle context. The strategic recommendations were articulated in the New Local framework designed to create resilient future Newcastle.

The Framework was presented to the advisory committee, made up of Councillors, the Lord Mayor, representatives from stakeholder organisations and community representatives. It was followed by the New Local festival held over May 6-7th in Newcastle. 

Village Well facilitated two empowerment workshops for Council staff, community and business leaders Over 55 people took part in the workshops which were hugely successful in building capacity, empowering community and local small businesses, nurturing positive relationships and embedding the New Local regenerative principles in strategic outcomes and within Councils organisational structure. 

The Village Well difference 
  • Deep research and engagement set the Framework up for success 

  • Collaborative engagement that maximised stakeholder accountability 

  • Australia’s first New Local regenerative City response that integrated community, place and economic actions 

  • Elevated community and local business co-contribution 

  • Enhanced relationships between community and Council

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