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Place School Masterclass

For more than 15 years, Village Well’s Place School has been the global hub for placemaking education and training. Together with the best thought leaders globally, we bring you inspiring and practical training sessions and masterclasses.


We have created many bespoke training sessions for councils, private developers and urban regeneration authorities. Place School has conducted workshops and masterclasses globally, in Paris, Tokyo, New York, Mauritius, Dubai, Muscat, Auckland and many other cities around the world.


Masterclasses include:

  • The New Local with Michael Shuman

  • The Art of Placemaking

  • The DNA of Place

  • Transformative Stakeholder and Community Engagement

  • Mainstreet Masterclass

  • Place Leadership, Management and Curation

  • Small Town Renewal Masterclass


If you would like to discuss placemaking education and training for your place, or are interested in collaborating with Village Well Place School, please get in touch with us.

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