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Port Hedland Waterfront
- Place Plan


Port Hedland, WA - Town of Port Hedland (2014)

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A new community meeting place for social gatherings and recreation, connecting the historic town centre with the waterfront.

Port Hedland is a key gateway town to the Pilbara, home to one of the largest iron ore deposits on earth beneath the ruggedly beautiful landscape. The mangroves, mudflats and beaches, sandy islands, as well as the port and its large ships are one of Port Hedlands’ key attractions. However, the beautiful coastline has been underutilised for a long time. A marina for Port Hedland has long been championed by community leaders as a game changer for the town, providing facilities to meet local demand for water-based recreation and leisure opportunities and creating a social and leisure destination for local, national and international visitors.

In early 2014, the Town of Port Hedland engaged Village Well to develop a Vision and Place Plan for the Waterfront with the objective of guiding future masterplanning and development and engaging key stakeholders and the community in the vision and the early planning process. 

The process brought together Council elected representatives, the boating community, business leaders and residents to explore how the waterfront could become the heart of the town by connecting it to the historic town centre and providing various recreational and community infrastructure that suit both local and visitors’ needs.

The Place Plan articulated the stakeholders’ shared vision for the Waterfront and associated infrastructure including a marina, square, event green, village hub, campground and recreational areas. Village Well provided specific recommendations for each of these areas. The Place Plan has formed a core part of the Waterfront Brief and a guide to future management.

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