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Quay Quarter – Placemaking Vision, Strategy and Activation Plan


Sydney, NSW - AMP Capital (2016-2022)

Categories and services:

  • Placemaking Vision

  • Placemaking Strategy

  • Activation Plan

  • Commercial Precincts

Image courtesy of AMP Capital

Project delivered by Jennifer Cook working as an independent consultant.


Jennifer was engaged by AMP Capital Real Estate to develop a place vision, strategy and activation plan for the $3bn Quay Quarter Sydney development.  The brief was to ensure the project would meet the needs of diverse audiences and that a large project team was aligned to a single compelling vision.


How we did it:

  • Comprehensive primary research program covering present and future office tenants, commuters, future residents, city daytrippers and tourists

  • Place visioning workshops with the project team

  • Customer experience mapping workshops

  • Competitor benchmarking

  • Design intersect and experience integration workshops with architects, designers, brand, and leasing teams

  • Property management team handover and placemaking advisory support

  • Government and future tenant engagement

Whilst the entire project is still in staged delivery, Quay Quarter is already winning national and international awards.


  • A strong and cohesive place vision that still guides the property management team today

  • Clear alignment to the needs of place audiences attracts visitation in challenging times

  • Attracted premium foundation tenants and retailers

  • Place development vision seamlessly translated into place management strategy

  • Strong government agency support

  • Secured $300,000+ local government grant funding for public programming initiatives

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