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Queen Victoria Market Southern Site ‘Gurrowa Place’ - Placemaking Proposition, Overlay and Engagement


Melbourne, VIC - Lendlease (2022)

Categories and services:

  • Market precinct

  • Placemaking Proposition

  • Placemaking Vision

  • Regenerative Place Practice

  • Place Experience

  • Stakeholder Engagement

Image courtesy of Scharp

A $1.7 billion development project, undertaken in partnership with Lendlease and the City of Melbourne, is transforming the southern site of Queen Victoria Market into a mixed-use development, featuring build-to-rent and affordable apartments, student accommodation and office space in three buildings, restoration of the historic Franklin Street Stores into a retail village, and the creation of 1.8 hectares of public space in the new 'Market Square.'


In 2022, Village Well collaborated with Lendlease to provide strategic placemaking, activation, and engagement advisory services for the Queen Victoria Market revitalisation project. The primary goal of this partnership was to develop a compelling place proposition that aligned with a regenerative place practice framework, encompassing the key dimensions of People, Product, Place, Physical Environment, and Planet. This approach aimed to enhance and complement the existing design work while addressing fine-grain and precinct-level narratives.


Village Well led a collaborative visioning process with Lendlease and the project team, utilising workshop outcomes and research to shape a compelling place vision and narrative that integrates creative cultural, social and community overlays, aligning with long-term sustainability and a focus on people-centric experiences. The strategic actions were tailored to drive activation and programming for the Southern Site, to ensure people were at the heart of place


  • Village Well's contributions resulted in a winning proposition securing Lendlease’s successful bid for the Queen Victoria Market Revitalisation project.

  • The development of a Place Vision and Principles serves as the foundation for transforming Queen Victoria Market into a vibrant urban destination.

  • A strategic approach that not only enhances the project's feasibility but also resonated with stakeholders, the local community, and decision-makers.

  • A regenerative framework aligned with holistic and sustainable place development goals.

  • The development will be named Gurrowa Place, signifying a place of exchange and interchange for the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung People.

  • Anticipated to generate $14+ million in direct social investment and contribute over $1 billion to Melbourne's economy.

  • The design prioritises sightlines, permeability, pedestrian access and interconnected and activated laneways, enhancing connectivity within and beyond the site.

  • The masterplan focuses on a biodiverse landscape with interconnected green spaces, reintroducing native plant species.

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