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Rouse Hill Town Centre - Placemaking Strategy


Rouse Hill, NSW - GPT Group (2007)

Categories and services:

  • Residential communities 

  • Placemaking Strategy 

Image courtesy of GPT Group

Multi-award winning residential development with a thriving town centre .

The Rouse Hill Town Centre was a $470 million greenfield development. As part of the 122-hectare New Rouse Hill, the town centre was developed to create a regional retail anchor in the rapidly growing region. Village Well was engaged to work with the Rouse Hill development team and stakeholders to create a Place Essence that reflected the aims and objectives of this major project. Our role was to create a Placemaking Strategy including the town centre positioning, principles and unique story. As part of this process, Village Well conducted tours of great main streets around Australia with GPT executives, and organised and facilitated workshops with key institutional stakeholders to reach a collective vision. 


Working alongside the development team, architects and builders, Village Well also worked on an interpretive Strategy and Place Management Framework to inform specific interventions around place, product and program initiatives. This work delivered a ‘healthy town’ philosophy that has been embedded into the decision making process from which tenants to approach, to the location of public art works and who should deliver them. 

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