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Village Well holds 30 years of proven success. No other place experience consultancy in Australia can demonstrate this depth of impact.

We developed an internal placemaking strategy for Melbourne Central with GPT. Five years later it was the highest-performing shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. We developed the first laneway strategy for the City of Melbourne. Today Melbourne is celebrated and globally recognised for its iconic laneway culture. Our Place Vision for Burwood Brickworks, by Frasers, provided the foundation for this nationally recognised, multi-award-winning sustainable development.

What do these success stories have in common? Experience tells us that collaborative processes lead to better outcomes. Our range of services place collaboration at the heart of all we do.

Pre-brief visioning

We work with key project team and stakeholders to generate a human experience vision that explores the needs of your target audience, and provides a compelling

future direction that attracts investment, wins tender bids and provides the foundation of your masterplan brief. Experience-led, not design-led.

Collaborative engagement

We bring creativity and spark that attracts participation and unlocks innovative solutions to local problems. Not your usual consultation, we embrace co-design and participatory practice. Our collaborative processes are proven to maximise  

stakeholder buy-in, build consensus and minimises costly project delays.

Place strategies

We bring together the wisdom of community,  stakeholders and project team to prepare human-centred place strategies to guide development, urban renewal, place management and programming to support activated ground planes and vibrancy. Our strategies are actionable and measurable, balancing social impact with commerciality.

Regenerative place practice

Village Well, and its family of regen collaborators, are global leaders in regenerative place practice. We facilitate collaborative processes to develop priorities and practical action plans to grow your regenerative ecosystem and build resilience, regeneration & self-reliance, in a post-COVID climate change world.

Leading with real data, not opinions

We base our recommendations based on real time behavioural data with the support of researach our partner By measuring visitation patterns, dwell time, psychographic visitor profiles and more we can set a baseline for measuring the real influence of your investment over time.

The 5Ps that guide our work

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