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Federation University - Placemaking Vision and Strategy


Ballarat, Berwick, Gippsland and Wimmera, VIC; Brisbane, QLD - Federation University (2022)

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  • Education Precincts

  • Placemaking Vision

  • Placemaking Strategy

  • Strategic Engagement

Image courtesy of Federation University

A collaborative, human centred process to underpin revitalisation.

Federation University knew they needed to do something different, so they threw the traditional ‘architect & design led’ process out of the window when they approached their 2022 visioning and campus revitalisation strategy.


Universities feature a complex, and highly political internal and external stakeholder landscape. Strategic engagement requires a considered approach. A comprehensive , multi-phase engagement process was developed that considered: 

  • What is driving change within Universities and the region? 

  • What strengths can be leveraged to unlock opportunities for the Campus, University and the region? 

  • What does your aspirational Campus experience look and feel like?


An online survey was followed by a series of 16 immersive, guided visioning workshops were delivered across the diverse locations with: 

  • Executive leadership 

  • Partners, leaseholders, and stakeholders 

  • Students 

  • University staff 

  • Local communities and authorities 


Feedback was rigorously analysed and cross tabulated to reveal change drivers, strengths, priorities, themes, aspirations and programming ideas for each stakeholder group, Campus, region and the collective whole.

This rich feedback informed the development of an overarching Federation University Vision, and detailed recommendations for each Campus site on: 

  • Campus experience identity 

  • Infrastructure upgrades 

  • Partnerships 

  • Activation programming 

  • Aspirational ‘day in the life’ narratives and rituals


This deep dive will inform future masterplan briefs that will be prepared for architects who will lead the built form response.

The Village Well difference 
  • Experience-led, not design led 

  • Collaboratively developed Vision provided true-north to guide future direction of 7 x campus locations 

  • Strategic recommendations placed human experience at the heart of future masterplanning

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