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Frankston Station Precinct – Place Activation and Implementation Plan


Frankston, VIC – Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (2016)

Categories and services:

  • Transport hubs/station precincts

  • Activation and Implementation Plan

A celebrated entrance into Frankston, connecting people to its revitalised city centre. 

The Victorian Government is leading and overseeing the Level Crossing Removal Project, which includes the removal of dangerous level rail crossings and the revitalisation of surrounding neighbourhoods across the Metropolitan Melbourne area. As part of this, the Frankston Station Precinct and the concurrent renewal of the broader Frankston CBD area were identified as priority projects. To guide this work, the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (‘DEDJTR’) embarked on a Masterplanning process and sought a strong place-based approach to guide this process and ensure the best possible local impact.


Village Well was first engaged by DEDJTR to develop a Place Activation Plan for the Frankston Station Precinct and later engaged to develop a more detailed Implementation Plan for the Precinct with the aim of creating a more lively and safe CBD environment, increasing community participation, enhancing the visitor experience and creating a more resilient retail environment.


Village Well implemented a multi-faceted approach to developing the Activation Plan, including conducting extensive local research and place audits to observe and map precinct conditions. Additionally, Village Well facilitated engagement with the State Government, Frankston City Council and Novion (a key local retail asset manager) via workshops and informal interviews. Village Well was re-engaged to develop an Implementation Plan, which built on the Activation Plan, by identifying priority projects, as well as funding opportunities and potential partners for the delivery of these. This was completed via additional research into the strategic context and a series of interactive interviews and workshops with stakeholders form the State Government and Frankston City Council.


The Activation and Implementation Plans resulted in the delivery of a practical framework for the State Government and Council, that guided the Frankston Station Precinct Master Plan and the subsequent implementation of selected projects.

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