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"The greatest benchmark of placemaking success is when local people can see their fingerprints all over the outcomes,"
Valli Morphett

Other Resources

The following resources will help you learn more about urbanism, placemaking, urban design, urban planning, economic development, regeneration and sustainability.



The Placemakers Guide to Building Communities
Nabeel Hamdi

Tactical Urbanism
– Mike Lydon & Anthony Garcia

The Great Neighbourhood Book: A Do-it-yourself Guide to Placemaking
– Jay Walljasper

Placemaking Fundamentals for the Built Environment
– Dominique Hes & Cristina Hernandez-Santin

Urban design and planning


The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces
– William H Whyte


City: Rediscovering the Centre
– William H Whyte


The Death and Life of Great American Cities – Jane Jacobs


Livable Cities Observed – Suzanna Crowhurst & Henry Lennard


Charter of New Urbanism – Emily Talen


Cities for People – Jahn Gehl


Cities for People Not for Profit – Neil Brenner


Convivial Urban Spaces – Henry Shaftoe


Street Reclaiming – David Engwicht


The Image of the City – Kevin Lynch

The Living City – Roberta Brandes Gratz


Dialogues in Public Art – Tom Finkelpearl


Creating Great Town Centres and Urban Villages – Urban Land Institute


Urban Design Futures – Edited by Malcolm Moor & John Rowland


Shopping Environments: Evolution, Planning & Design – Peter Coleman


The Vertical Village – MVRDV Rotterdam & The Why Factory

Economic development


The Economy of Cities
– Jane Jacobs


The Local Economy Solution
– Michael H Shuman


Put Your Money Where Your Life Is – Michael H Shuman

Regeneration and Sustainability


Designing Regenerative Cultures

– Daniel Christian Wahl



Online articles/books


“Regenerative Placemaking: Creating a New Model for Place Development by Bringing Together Regenerative and Placemaking Processes” – Cristina Hernandez-Santin, Dominique Hes, Tanja Beer & Lewis Lo

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