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Monash University, Clayton and Caulfield Campuses – Placemaking Strategy


Melbourne, VIC – Monash University (2014-15)

Categories and services:

  • Education Precincts

  • Placemaking Strategy

A dynamic placemaking strategy to revitalise the Monash Campus experience, day and night.

In the increasingly competitive higher education sector, Monash University recognises the importance of providing high quality retail and an engaging and positive campus experience that goes beyond academic as a means of attracting students and staff.


Village Well was engaged as part of a diverse team of consultants to develop a Placemaking Strategy for the Clayton and Caulfield campuses, which coincided with significant developments at both campuses. Following a workshop with the project team that drilled into issues and opportunities for the campus, Village Well generated a retail vision and provided a range of retail mix, programmatic and design recommendations, aimed at not only making campus retail more attractive, but also contributing to students’ social life and holistic learning.


The retail vision and recommendations were integrated into the broader retail strategy to provide a clear direction for the future campus retail, with both campuses having completed construction and launched new retailers in 2016.

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