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Moorabbin Oval Redevelopment - Place Vision Report


Moorabbin, VIC - St Kilda Football Club (2016)

Categories and services:

  • Sporting/recreation precincts

  • Place Vision 

A new community hub, connecting the Moorabbin community to the St Kilda Football Club story.
A place for SKFBC to call home. 

The St. Kilda Football Club (SKFBC) has embarked on the redevelopment of their club facilities, returning to their former home ground in Moorabbin. With a strong commitment to giving back to the local community, the project presented an opportunity for SKFBC to set itself apart from other AFL clubs and re-establish itself as a grassroots sporting club that is part of the community, in a similar vein to the traditions and roots of football clubs in the past.


SKFBC engaged Village Well to lead the facilitation of workshops with the project team consisting of Council, designers, player and the SKFBC project team. Combining the aspirations from the workshop, a site tour, and applying Village Well’s placemaking experience, Village Well developed a compelling Place Vision to guide the redevelopment, which SKFBC has committed to and are excited about contributing to the community by providing
a new home to share.

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