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Bruny Island - Placemaking and Visitor Engagement Strategy


Bruny Island, Tasmania - Department of State Growth

Categories and services:

  • Tourism destinations 

  • Placemaking and Visitor Engagement Strategy

Showcasing Bruny’s community of residents and makers, coastal wilderness, produce and rich, layered history.

Village Well facilitated a range of engagement sessions - including one-to-one discussions with key community members (residents, businesses, tourism operators, cultural leaders), as well as a stakeholder workshop to develop and agree on initiatives.


Concepts developed aimed to:

  • Support local businesses (including producers and craftspeople) through tourism;

  • Increase visitor understanding of community values and ‘what makes Bruny Island special’;

  • Increase visitor awareness and education about the island;

  • Manage on-the-ground visitor expectations;

  • Celebrate community efforts, people and stories;

  • Shift perception of tourism from ‘commercial benefit’ to ‘community benefit’;

  • Alleviate pressure on local volunteers in peak periods, in particular emergency services;

  • Increase the percentage of current visitors who access the ‘Real Bruny’ and stay for longer than one or two days;

  • Increase attractiveness of the Island for younger generations to live and work.


Key outcomes include the establishment of an active ‘Project Champion Group’ to steer the delivery of initiatives. Key to the success has been commitment from public and private partnerships to fund a series of ‘quick win’ initiatives. The group use the shared vision developed in the workshop to guide ‘quick wins’ and long-term decision making for social and physical infrastructure.

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