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Minta Residential Development - Place Vision


Berwick, VIC - Stockland (2018-2021)

Categories and services:

  • Residential Development

  • Placemaking Vision

  • Community Activity Plan

  • Community and stakeholder engagement 

Image courtesy of OpenLot

Innovative engagement to create a shared place vision and activation calendar for a premier masterplanned greenfield community. 

Village Well worked with Stockland on the award winning Minta Residential Development, a greenfield masterplanned community that put sustainability, liveability, community and technology at the heart of its offer in Melbourne’s south-eastern growth zone. 

Village Well staff helped shape critical stages of project development including early engagement with buyers to inform design of upcoming stages and ‘smeet your new neighbours’ wine and cheese nights to build community connection before moving in. 

Digital engagement was undertaken with new residents to understand event and activation preferences. Outcomes informed the developmed of a shared place vision co-designed by project team and stakeholders. 

Activation planning hit a big hurdle when Covid struck in 2019. The Village Well team quickly adapted and prepared an innovative Covid safe Activation Strategy and Event Calender which enabled Covid-safe community building activites, online kids activities, Zoom meet and greets and low touch creative art installations during the 18 month lockdown period to connect and entertain residents. 

Environmental initiatives such as renewable energy, stormwater recycling and annual Liveability Index survey were embedded into the project, balanced by sustainable community building. 

The development was a thriving success from day one and has experienced unprecedented sales. Hill Top Park, the pivotal open space heart, was launched to great success and is already a dearly loved community asset, buzzing with family life. 

Minta is Stockland’s gold star offering, setting a new 10-year benchmark for greenfield development innovation which will be rolled out in future development sites. 

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