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South Melbourne Market - Placemaking Strategy


Melbourne, VIC - City of Port Phillip (2014)

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  • Markets

  • Placemaking Strategy 

Creating a new market experience - the village market - for the local community and its many visitors.

The South Melbourne Market and York Street Placemaking Project was initiated out of the need to develop a future vision and plan for the Market that would be driven by a placemaking process.

Following engagement with key stakeholders, Village Well produced a Placemaking Strategy to help redefine the market and to guide a new market experience that would enhance its reputation as a loved community meeting place and iconic shopping destination in Melbourne. This included an articulation of the local context, history and stories, research into local and global market trends and a place audit and analysis of the physical environment, behavioural patterns and rituals. Along with findings from stakeholder engagement, this research informed the development of a Place Vision and recommendations.

It is intended that Village Well’s Placemaking Strategy should help to position the market competitively within the landscape of local and international markets. Additionally, to create a range of new and enhanced experiences for all stakeholders and deliver increased economic, social and destination dividends for the City of Port Phillip, the local community and Melbourne.

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